Our company has been active in the fields of special construction and laboratory testing for almost 30 years and has been involved in the recultivation of the Central German and Lusatian lignite mining areas.


From mining recultivation to a specialist company for construction services and laboratory analyses

Initially, our company was mainly active in the recultivation of post-mining landscapes. Since the discovery of brown coal more than 150 years ago, this branch of industry has shaped our region. SGL made an important contribution to structural change in the Lusatian mining area and later also in the Central German mining area. The recultivation work carried out included the dismantling of former production sites, the rehabilitation of post-mining landscapes, the stabilization of landslide-prone embankments, heavy earthworks and the removal of environmental hazards. 

Today, we have evolved into a versatile infrastructure construction company, utilizing the know-how and experience gained over the past 30 years. SGL carries out SPECIAL SERVICES in the fields of civil engineering and pipeline construction, foundation engineering and stabilization as well as environmental construction, thus giving Lusatia a sustainable future. We operate an independent accredited analytical laboratory in Lübbenau/Spreewald.


Foundation of SGL

SGL Spezial- und Bergbau-Servicegesellschaft Lauchhammer mbH was founded at the end of 1992 under the name Sanierungsgesellschaft Lauchhammer mbH (SGL) as a subsidiary of Braunkohleveredelungsgesellschaft Lauchhammer mbH (BVL). The company is initially mainly active in the recultivation of post-mining landscapes in Lusatia and Central Germany, thus making an important contribution to structural change in the East German lignite mining regions.


Renovation of the Lauchhammer coking plant

SGL is starting the refurbishment of the former Lauchhammer coking plant, one of the largest coking plants in Europe. A coking plant is an industrial facility that converts coal into coke gas and coke. Coke gas is used to generate energy, while coke is used in steel production.



Integration into the General Atomics Europe Group

SGL Spezial- und Bergbau-Servicegesellschaft Lauchhammer mbH is the first new company to be integrated into the General Atomics Europe Group, creating the Group's Infrastructure business area.



Approved testing laboratory for wastewater and water testing

SGL's analytical laboratory has been appointed by the Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Regional Planning of the State of Brandenburg as an "Approved testing center for certain wastewater and water testing and sampling in the State of Brandenburg" and "Approved testing center according to the OLB guideline for the processing of final operating plans for opencast mines" by the Upper Mining Authority of the State of Brandenburg.



Longest canal in the Lusatian Lakeland

Between the Spreetaler See and the Sabrodter See, the longest canal of the Lusatian Lakeland with a length of more than 2.5 kilometers is built with the participation of SGL Spezial- und Bergbau-Servicegesellschaft Lauchhammer GmbH. SGL is building a ship lock and completing the canal route.


Construction of Hosena retaining dam

In the Lusatian mining district, SGL built the retaining dam for the Heiderestloch near the town of Hosena in 2014. The dam is around 310 meters long and 63 meters wide. To stabilize the dam, a vibro-compactor was used, which was driven into the earth over 3,000 times.



Renewal of wastewater main pressure line

In the street "Am kleinen Hain" in the town of Lübben (Spreewald), the wastewater main pressure line being built. SGL uses a crane to lay large sections of pipeline.



PFAS analysis

SGL's analytical laboratory is equipped with new measuring instruments and receives accreditation for PFAS testing.