Civil engineering and pipeline construction

SGL Spezial- und Bergbau-Servicegesellschaft Lauchhammer mbH is your reliable partner in the field of civil engineering and pipeline construction and has an experienced team.


Experts for civil engineering solutions

Working on or below the earth's surface - we are specialists in this important field of sustainable infrastructure construction. Civil engineering plays an important role in large parts of the construction infrastructure, for example in the expansion of supply and disposal routes. 

We can also combine our civil engineering and pipeline construction services.


Overview of civil engineering services

We have many years of experience in the realization of projects: 

  • in water and energy supply

  • in the waste and disposal sector 

  • and in transport infrastructure

Specific partial services provided by SGL are, for example:

  • Sewers, wastewater drains, rainwater drains

  • Manhole systems and special structures (e.g. infiltration systems, inspection chambers)

  • Pipe trenches, excavation shoring or foundations


Experts for pipeline construction

Underground supply infrastructure - literally nothing works without it. Extensive pipeline networks perform the tasks of water supply, wastewater disposal and media supply as well as, in some cities, the supply of district heating.


Overview of pipeline construction services

Our competence is the assembly and disassembly of supply and disposal systems in underground pipeline construction. We construct drinking water and service water pipelines as well as district heating pipelines in all pressure levels, dimensions and materials. We lay steel, cast iron and plastic pipelines, including the necessary, demanding welding work.

Not only the laying technology and the pipe materials are constantly developing, but also our employees are continuously trained in this field. We also ensure the safe construction of pipeline networks by using state-of-the-art equipment and machinery.